Sunset in Cavtat captured by Oliver!

Sunrise of my heart

After so many years
I have been alone
and sometimes happy,
but mostly sad,you came along
and now I finally got a
Sunrise in my hearth!
Full off understanding ,
Pretty and smart ,
now I finally met a woman
and I gave her my heart!
Was it meant to be?
You just showed up at my door
how can I know,
without knocking,
you unlocked my soul!
Now I feel happy,
and finally this is what I got,
even do it was a long shot!
Over the night
my life has changed,
you made me a better man,
completely rearranged!
This is what happens
when you find a woman
and she becomes
your soulmate
for the rest off your life!
Now we look at the sun’s rays
together,loving each other forever!
We look at the clear sky
and the billions off stars
loving each other,
growing old together,
loving each other forever!

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