Please don’t get me wrong
if I i trying to write a song
about the song!
I know myself very well
and I can tell you right know
it will probably be very long!
I realized that there is
so many songs written
in this world
and you will need to live
thousand years at least
to listen to them all
they can be jazz,funk,pop,
country,rap,God knows what
and off course Rock and Roll!
So I came with an idea to make
a song about a song
that all off us will probably miss
as life is to short,
it is not thousand years long!
So I repeat,don’t get me wrong
as I am trying to write
exactly that particular song!
Since I can’t sleep
and it is the middle off the night
I have nothing better to do,
I am just going to write!
Having said that
I will have no choice
bur at some stage to pick
a theme or a style,
As I am killing time for a while!
This song about a song
is not really mine,
but as I am writing it
even do it is kind off empty
while I am drinking tea
I feel good,I fell fine.
In fact when I think about it
let’s say this song
is about life that we all live
about people
that had a chance to do
something about it,
people that take more
than what they give!
Why is it so?
I asked myself so many times
while I am trying to
write a song about a song
that rhymes!
Is it because I am trying
to send a message
to those people
so that they finally realize
that in life you are given a choice
to do the bad things
or to be good,
is it because I want them
to finally hear
what I have to say,
to teach them a lesson
so that that can
by reading this song
hear my voice?
I have to be realistic
some people will never change
and that is their choice
as I am trying really hard
to write a song about life
they will still stay the same
that will be right
and I will be wrong!
So I have decided
to finish writing
since some off those
people are not worth fighting!
Just stay the same
as you only have
yourself to blame
and that is really sad
I just had to say that
out loud,don’t be mad!
Sorry 😔!
And if you are really curious
who wrote this song
let me introduce myself,
my name is Oliver,
but my good friends call me Oli!

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