SANJAM(I am dreaming)-INDEXI!Cover by Oliver Ćosić

Davorin Popović was born on September 23, 1946 in Sarajevo to a Croatian family of father Stjepan, an office clerk, and Teresa, a dentist. His father is from the island of Hvar.[2]

With the birth name Davorin, in the close circle of family and friends, he was always Davor. He was affectionately called Dačo. He got the nickname “Pimpek” in his childhood because of a small growth near his left ear, and of course, as a result of the famous Bosnian wit and witty associations. That nickname was simply attached to his name, so even a German online magazine, publishing the news of his death, wrote that Davorin Popović Pimpek is the full birth name and surname of the Index singer.

He called himself a singer, usually starting his stories with “Listen, let the singer tell you something…”, giving his role in the Indexes, as much as the meaning of his life, nothing less than that, but just a singer. So over time he became a singer.

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