Out off the box

Out off the box
I was always thinking
out off the box,
I stood out off crowd
and I am not sorry about that,
in fact I like it I am proud,
yes i admit that I am different,
since I was born,
sometimes i think
that i am unicorn.
When you think out off the box
you are miss understood
I felt it on my skin
we’re ever I lived,
We’re ever I been!
Why is so?
I ask myself
over and over again,
can I just be simple,
like most off the people?
And then I tell myself NO,
this is a right way to think,
right way to go!
Most of the people
don like my sense of humor
like i am not different,
like I have some-kind
off tumor in my brain
since most people
don’t think out off the box,
they just think the same!
When you do think
out off the box
you see the world
In beautiful colors,
different from others,
and when shit hits the fan,
they run for cover,
they dig a hole in the ground,
they stick there head in there
and that becomes a charade!
But what I do than?
I get a glass off vine
as I know that I am not scared,
I know everything will be fine!
Why is it so that I have
all ways knew that
I am different and that
can not be changed!
I kind off like the fact
that I was born that way
and this is not my choice
that other people
that are not like me
they don’t hear my message,
things I am trying to say.
Life is not a theater,
or some kind off freak show.
It is not a circus,
where they are the audience
and I am a clown!
There is so many ways
to show how much
you can love,
how much you care!
There is not one reason
for me and others
that think the same way
but the rest off the people
can’t hear my voice
when I am trying to help them
they don’t listen to what
I have to say!
They just thing,this guy is crazy
and they leave,
they go away.
Most off people are like sheep
as they are not prepared
to grab the life
that is only one,
and then like me,
they reach the end
empty and like
all off us one day
they die.
But I know as a mater
off fact at least
I lived my life
thinking outside the box
and that is a fact!
I am not double faced
and the fact that
I am different will
not change the way
I live my life,
it will not be erased!
And the most important thing
because off the fact
that I am different
and I know that,
I will continue
to think outside the box,
no matter what life throw
at me,I will stay the same
I will stop this song right here
as I don’t feel shame!

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