OLIVER MEETS THE LEGENDARY SINGER SEJO SAXON FROM BAND ZABRANJENO PUŠENJE IN ZAGREB!This is incredible!I was at Župstok festival waiting to meet this man and his band and he walks in the Music Center in Zagreb and I recognize him strait away.I am the best customer of the best music store in Croatia Music Center!They have 5 shops well they will have another one as soon as possible somewhere in between Dubrovnik and Cavtat.The owner Robert Modlić is like a brother to me and we will go 50/50!Why not and Sejo was in a hurry but he has my number and I have his.This is totally crazy.I am stumbling across all the famous people my idols wherever I go.I mean…come on what is happening!Holly cow and Mother of Lord.I am blessed by dear God.Stay tuned I am coming to a place near you!Oliver!


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