Oliver exposes Indian restaurant Bombai Grill!They come to Croatia selling crap curry and 98 percent of our people have no clue that this is a fake!They figure out that they can make money on a curry that is not close to curry charging a lot of money for it and I come in!I know what is a real curry I am not stupid.At the end of the last video I said finally he is getting me a wet cloth but no!He goes and cleans the table of these two Indian guys and he brings me 2 dry napkins!And I told him 3 times wet cloth!No!So they come to Croatia they cheat,they make money selling crap!Not on my watch man,same with Chinese restaurants,Greek Gyros that I ordered was dry,tasted like shit they even put fries in it!WTF?Croatian skinny guy works in the Greek restaurant flat out running serving people that have no clue what is real Gyros,it was so hot inside I was sweating like a pig but I ate it no worries again like making a pie out of shit pardon my English and they need to employ 2 more guys but this was Croatian owned Greek restaurant and the owner is at home counting money and he does not care about the real Greek food!Who cares?I care wanker!Come on!Croatia is flooded with foreign workers that have no clue.Our people are out of work because the boss doesn’t want to pay a real wage all the taxes if we work.He only wants the money!This is the reality in Croatia now!What will be in 10 years people?We will have people from Uganda,Zambia from Neverland working in our country and we will be erased because of corruption,greed for money and our politicians who destroyed Croatia taking bribes and laundering the money in the of shore banks where there is no tax!


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