My hometown of Cavtat.

The place where I grew up Cavtat is a very popular tourist destination it came on third spot in Europe as the most popular small tourist destination in 2021.Cavtat is famous for many reasons,Vlaho Bukovac the painter,Baltazar Bogišić the philosoph,Tino Patijera the opera singer,mausoleum of family Račić that was made by a famous Croatian sculptor Ivan Meštrović.Shell museum with over 3000 shells from all over the world is just breathtaking!Waterpolo is the most popular sport in town where many olympic winners came from.Here you can smell the history,this town has that special wibe.Since it is very close to the airport in summer many welathy people come with their private jets to Dubrovnik Airport and their yachts are waiting for them in the Cavtat where they spend their summer holidays.Indeed Cavtat is a really special place to visit.

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