As I am walking in the night
I see the full moon
hoping that I will find somebody
that will love me soon.
I am an old soul,old school
for so many years I have been blind,
I was a fool.
I wonder how the moon feels about the fact that he is alone
as I watch him shine on me
and I say to myself
what will be,will be
as I believe in karma,
I believe in destiny,
I believe in God,
I believe in me
even do I am fifty tree.
my life has just begun
and I am having so much fun!
When I leave this world
I will leave a trace
as I give more than I take
that is pure me,
I am not a fake.
So as the full moon is alone
doing his job shining down on me,
I found my path
and I know one day I will not be alone,
I am telling you this
from the bottom of my hearth!

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