Australia and the slang

A place where I lived for 16 years
made friends for life,
the land off best vine and beers.
Where they say G’ day mate!
And all these people like me
come to work and live,
as Australia has
so much to give!
This is a five pieces
off paper song,
so please stay with me
be strong to the end my friend!
Why do I like Australia so much
you may ask?
Well I will tell you that
in this song as it is really long!
It is a very easy task,
but first off all
I need to tell you who I am!
I am Croatian born AUSTRALIAN!
I will forever be that way
AUSTRALIAN I will stay!❤️!
That is a fact,
nothing can’t be done,
so if you read what I have to say
to the end,
this will be a lot’s off fun
and you will not be bored,
it will be funny,you will not run!
a second chance
when I was kneeling down
to get up,and that is all
about me that you have to know
let’s start this show!
With endless sandy beaches
that end up in your ass,
animals and plants
that exists only there,
AUSTRALIA a country
where nations from all
over the world can
live in peace and joy,
where people say G’day mate
how are ya’!
Where one can tell you
you are Chokers ( full off for
example…. shit!)
And if you don’t learn
these words by the
end off the song,
please do me a favor,Google it!
But since I am an Aussie,Aussie,
I will help you out to learn
Australian slang as I am not
chokers,you know what I mean.
I am Fair dinkum (true,genuine,
and real)and that is
how I feel!
So here we go,
and after I finish this song
you will know some basic
Australian slang
and you will be a part
off Australian G’day mate gang!
ARVO (afternoon)
BOGAN (an uncultured person)
BARBIE ( barbeque )
ESKY,and that is not one Eskimo!
It is and insulated cooler,
a drinks container!
MOOZZIE (mosquito)!
A PASH ( a long passionate kiss
WHAT A RIPPER (really great )
Look a ROO!There is a kangaroo in the
countryside with a JOEY (small
Kangaroo still in his pouch)!
Do you think by now
that what I just wrote
is too long,
or shall I stop,
so when an Aussie
tells you G’day
you will not have a clue
what to say except G’day
and that is it
because you are Chockers
full off S..t!
I wrote Chockers before
and if you forgot what it means,
go back,learn it again
and ask yourself
do I have a brain ?
Now this one I find quite funny.
When an Aussie tells you
G’day mate I just had a ROOT
(sexual intercourse)!
And mate I am still married
And my wife wants a divorce!
Are you still reading?
Did you read just what I wrote?
Do you need to make a note?
SERVO is a petrol station
and if you ask for gas
don’t be surprised
if someone farts
because some off those farts
can be hits on music charts!
SHELL BE RIGHT( everything
will be fine)
except if some WANKER
in the local Pub
starts a fight!
I just have to take a SICKIE!
(a sick day and you are not
actually sick,you are just a prick!)
SOOK(when you are winging,
complaining all the time,
but instead you are just fine!)
STUBBIE HOLDER(is a thing for making sure that a 0,33 beer
will stay cold as you don’want
it to be worm,
use it don’t be a fool!
You need your beer to stay cool!
SWEET AS(awesome,that is great)I love you mate!
TRADIE!(a tradesman!
like BRICKIE-bricklayer,
TRUCKIE-truck driver,
GARBO-garbage collector!)
UTE (utility vehicle,
a pick up truck)!
What da’ f..k???
Now at the end I just have to say
GOOD ON YA’mate!
Understanding Aussies
will be easy now
as I just wrote some words
Australian use
and I will finish writing,
I will let you loose!
And if you read what I wrote
till the very end
once you stumble across
the Aussie you will understand
and he will be your best friend!
Have a G’day,take care,
be aware,don’t despair!
Aussies are everywhere!
Now I really need to go,
I have to take a pee,
I have been holding it
for 30 minutes
and it is very painful,
you see!

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