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Oliver Ćosić was born in Dubrovnik on March 10, 1970, and from early childhood he showed his inclination and love for cooking by watching his late father cook. He also received his talent for cooking and many other arts such as music, drawing and poetry as a gift from his of a father who was a skilled cook-improviser who worked in many well-known restaurants in Dubrovnik and Cavtat. Especially in Cavtat, where Oliver grew up watching his father in action. Even though Oliver’s father worked in restaurants and according to recipes, magic happened in his kitchen.Pomp in his own kitchen, both his father and Oliver prepare the best dishes, which according to the reviews of those who have tried them, receive the best marks.Breaking down the barriers of proper cooking Oliver takes you on a journey that you will remember for the rest of your life and not just that with his sin to be a perfectionist he creates memories,spreading love and peace,no borders,no wars,all humans united as one living in harmony. His orthodox and improvisational approach to every dish would knock even the toughest critic off his feet. The thing is that Oliver not only knows the local Dalmatian cuisine, but breaks down the boundaries by cooking dishes of Turkish, Hungarian, Italian and even Australian origin, because he himself lived in Australia in Adelaide from 1993-2009. it’s wine! Cooking and wine go hand in hand, and Oliver’s collection of South Australian wines reaches a collection of as many as 600 bottles of various wines from the best 1996 and 1998 vintages. Adelaide, as the city where Oliver lived, was surrounded by wine regions such as which are the Barossa Valley, Coonawarra, Clare Valley and many others. Oliver enrolls in a course for the South Australian Wine Association that lasts 8 weeks and subscribes to the Winestate magazine(The editor was Petar Šimić-Croatian origin), while in addition to all this he cooks for his friends and becomes famous for his curry kangaroo and steak from kangaroos and home made lasagna . Returning to Croatia in 2009 with his family, Oliver continues to show how much passion he has for cooking, and after he separated in 2017, his mother helps him learn the old traditional recipes that were passed down from generation to generation, both from his grandmother and his mother. Currently, Oliver continues to follow in the footsteps of his father, who was a virtuoso not only in cooking,(he was an amazing painter(aquarel),guitar player and singer / Mark Knofler shook his hand in hotel Libertas in Dubrovnik where they where staying while preparing for the album Brothers in Arms)!Oliver discovers some new horizons and breaks down the limits and barriers of everyday cooking, while no one can enter his kitchen, that is very modest, the dishes that come out of that modest kitchen are far from modest. Is it a grill, Webber, Peka (traditional way of preparing food) – under the bell or only the Oliver kitchen will take you on a journey of no return, a path of inspiration, love and passion for cooking!
Oliver Ćosić-drummer-singer
Alfi Kabiljo publicly said and shook his hand when Oliver played the drums and sang Jalta,Jalta at a mixed weeding!Split-groome,Dubrovnik-bride!
We quote what Mr Kabiljo said to Oliver:Dear Oliver thank you so much this is the best version of Jalta,Jalta ever!
Oliver Ćosić-dramatic tenor
Teacher in Adelaide:late Jeannie Celso,soprano in Sydney opera house for 30 years!Retired in Adelaide and by chance the piano was in the same street where Oliver and his family had a house!
The farewell CD with quests was recorded at Chapel Lane studios(former church) where Oliver helped the owner his friend to find music producers, Adelaide performing Nessun Dorma,E’luce Van De Stelle,The Prayer(duet with Jeannie),Bring Him Home,O’sole mio,Torna Sorrento(Mario Lanza)Oliver’s favorite opera singer or Tino Pattiera!Born June 27,1890,Cavtat.Died April 24,1966,Cavtat.
Started playing drums at the age of 3 and singing at the age of 4!
Frano Krasovac former director of The Dubrovnik Chamber Choir, which was founded in 1994, declared Oliver as the best tenor in the existence of the choir, which still exists today!
Drumming,opera singing,song arrangement!
Oliver visited Adonis Dokuzović in February 2020 in his Muzic Shop Mega Muzika,Vlaška 48 Zagreb to say thank you since he purchased an electronic drum kit from him and they went it to the cellar where a Tama drum kit was set up and Adonis pulled out a Ludwig snare from the 60ties saying,Quote:I only played on this snare but I have a good feeling about you so here you go set it up!Oliver played for 5 minutes in the drums and he did just one drum fill and Adonis was stunned!Asking,Quote:What was that?Oliver replied:That was a fill I pinched from Vinnie Colaiuta American drummer who played with Sting,Steely Dan,Frank Zappa,Joni Mitchell and many others and I just changed it a little bit to be my own
Oliver performed on many events in Dubrovnik working with Dubrovnik Travel (DTS),playing with gos NSMD at the opening od Dubrovnik Travel boat called SeaStar,organizing Sea Theme with Karmen Kutnjak an event menager for DTS where the clients where wealthy Russians that stayed at Sun Gardens Hotel and he played with his band at Villa Ruža(Villa Rose)on Kalamota Island!
Oliver the screenwriter
Wrote a script for Netflix called ‘’The dog shelter’’5 pages but he is so busy now that he can not get those 5 pages together in order so he will probably do that after the season is over.
Oliver and horticulture
Oliver designed all the gardens in the houses he renovated and has a east knowledge when it comes to horticulture like for example a rose creeper Pierre De Ronnsard that is in bloom all year with white flowers or Jasmine as well a creeper that grows fast and you can smell it from at least 10 meters away.Wild plum tree that he had in his garden in Adelaide,Goodwood suburb(he had 3 of them)designing both the front and the back yard.
Oliver wall and floor tiler
Award winning wall and floor tiler working for the best builder in Australia Scott Salisbury homes winning the award in 2001 for the house je tiled at Mawson Lakes called ‘’Riviera’’The winning curve article was published in The advertiser a local news paper!
Oliver the interior designer
Oliver can design a house or apartment to suit your style,taste and budget.In his house in the suburb of  Goodwood he had 36 lights just in the kitchen and his favourite brand is EGLO(Made in Germany)
Oliver the drum collector
17 SONOR drum sets,45 SONOR snares,2 Premier vintage drums with 2 snares,one vintage Yamaha 5000 from the 80tie’s and the cream on the cake!Slingerland Charcoal Satin Flame from 1966,75 cymbals in total!
If Oliver was to write a book about his life she’ll that would be something out of this world for shure but he is so busy that he may do it in 5 years time as his thinking is always a 5 year plan and hoping that the plan will work!
That is just a part of what Oliver can do for you and your loved ones!
Oliver does not drive he has his own private driver that drives a Citroen mini-van!
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Born as only child on 10th of March 1970.

Finished high school 1988 in Dubrovnik law subjects.

Moved to Australia city of Adelaide in 1993.

First child Joshua Oliver Ćosić born in Women’s and Children’s hospital in 2000.Leona-Paris Ćosić born in 2003 in  Ashford private hospital.

Moved back to Croatia with my wife and two children in 2009

Separated in 2017 but still I am keeping contact with my ex-wife on friendly basis

Joshua my son is at the moment in college in England doing two jobs at the same time while my daughter is in the capital city of Croatia-Zagreb on her first year of college!
Fell in love at drums at the age of 3 plating in between breaks of my late father band Kamen Mali (Small pebble) named after the most beautiful beach in Cavtat Kamen Mali beach.
Startet singing at the age of 4 again during the breaks of my late fathers band on gala dinners at Hotel Croatia and Albatross singing Croatian songs like O Marijana slatka mala Marijana(O Marijana sweet little Marijana).
Poet,singer,dramatic opera tenor,writer,wine collector,artist,screen writer,dreamer!
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Cooking is also often carried out outside of personal quarters, for example at restaurants, or schools. Bakeries were one of the earliest forms of cooking outside the home, and bakeries in the past often offer the cooking of food provided by their customers as an additional service. Now factory food preparation is common.

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